MIT Media Lab je pravkar razpisal nagradni natečaj, ki ga je poimenoval Nagrada za neposlušnost (Disobedience Award). Četrt milijona dolarjev bodo podelili tistemu posamezniku ali skupini, ki bo izkazal “izjemen primer neposlušnosti v korist družbe”. Rok za oddajo prijav je 1. maj 2017.

The MIT Media Lab Disobedience Award seeks to highlight effective, responsible, ethical disobedience across disciplines, and around the world. Disobedience Award objectives are to build awareness and support of disobedience-robust work being done, and to promote role models for younger people.

Eligibility requirements for the $250,000 prize: The recipient must be living. The recipient must have taken a personal risk in order to affect positive change for greater society. Both individuals and groups are eligible to win the prize.

Selection Process: A screening committee composed of a small and diverse group of individuals in the MIT Media Lab network of activists, scientists, designers, and engineers will review the nominations and select the award recipient. We will be accepting nominations from March 6 to May 1 (eight weeks), and plan to announce the recipient at our summer event on July 21, 2017. We will announce a shortlist of nominees prior to the event. (Disobedience Award)

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