ScienceNews imajo intervju z UCLA profesorjem astrofizike in fizike declev na UCLA, Davidom Saltzbergom, ki je med drugim tudi edini znanstveni svetovalec pri nadaljevanki Big Bang Theory.
Vredno branja.

The whiteboards the characters use for equations have actually changed into something where real scientists pitch me their latest results and ask if they can appear on them. It’s sort of become a thing to get on the whiteboards. Dozens of scientists are watching those boards. The big discovery of gravitational waves, which indicated cosmological inflation, got a special place. It appeared on Stephen Hawking’s board, which of course is a much higher level than our main characters’ boards. That was actually vetted by Hawking himself. The producers didn’t want to put something on his board that he wouldn’t be comfortable with, so they took what I had suggested and sent a picture to him. He said he liked it.

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