Matematik Cédric Villani postal poslanec francoskega parlamenta

Na nedavnih francoskih volitvah je v parlament prišlo nekaj novih mladih obrazov, ki pred tem še niso imeli izkušenj v politiki. Med njimi je tudi matematik Cédric Villani, ki je pred nekaj meseci obiskal Ljubljano (glej: V Ljubljano prihaja matematik Cédric Villani).

Before winning nearly 70 percent of votes in a Southern Paris suburb, 43-year-old CédricVillani already stood out from the hundreds of other candidates, appearing at events with an ever-present, oversized silk bow tie and large spider brooch.

Often called the “Lady Gaga” of mathematics, Villani has traveled the world to convince people that math is sexy. He won the Fields Medal (considered the highest prize possible for a mathematician) in 2010, and was awarded the French national legion of honor in 2011 — the highest order of merit for any civilian.

Until very recently, Villani had no interest in politics whatsoever. (Vir: Meet some of the colorful, wildly inexperienced members of France’s new parliament – Vox)

Naslovna slika: Wikimedia Commons 

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