Zadnjo od potegavščin, ki slikovito opozarjajo na težave znanstvenega sistema, se je spomnil nek novozelandski profesor. Čeprav ni vedel ničesar o jedrski fiziki, je s pomočjo funkcije na telefonu, ki med pisanjem predlaga naslednjo besedo, napisal kratek povsem nesmiseln sestavek in ga poslal kot predlog prispevka na konferenco. Potrditev je prejel v treh urah.

“I know that iOS is a pretty good software, but reaching tenure has never been this close,” je zapisal na svojem blogu: iOS Just Got A Paper On Nuclear Physics Accepted At A Scientific Conference | Christoph Bartneck, Ph.D.

Tule se je posnel, kako je pristopil k pisanju:

Bartneck said that given the quality of the review process and the steep registration fee, he was “reasonably certain that this is a money-making conference with little to no commitment to science.

“I did not yet reply to their email, but I am tempted to ask them about the reviewers’ comments. That might be a funny one.”

The conference’s call for abstracts makes only a little more sense than Bartneck’s paper.

“Nuclear and sub-atomic material science it the investigation of the properties, flow and collaborations of the essential (however not major) building pieces of matter.”

A bogus research paper reading only “Get me off Your Fucking Mailing List” repeated over and over again was accepted by the International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology, an open-access academic journal, in November 2014.

Vir: Nonsense paper written by iOS autocomplete accepted for conference | Science | The Guardian