Na spletni strani Quartz povzemajo izjave znanega filozofa Daniela Dennetta na konferenci Buenos Airesu, v katerih je zelo kritičen do sodobne filozofske akademske produkcije. Pravi, da veliko filozofskih člankov in knjig nima nobene trajne vrednosti, ampak gre pogosto le za prazno igračkanje z besedami in argumenti, kar nima nobenega drugega smisla kot je le akademsko objavljanje zaradi objavljanja.

“A great deal of philosophy doesn’t really deserve much of a place of the world,” he says. “Philosophy in some quarters has become self-indulgent, clever play in a vacuum that’s not dealing of problems of any intrinsic interest.” Much if not all philosophical work in analytic metaphysics, for example, is “willfully cut off from any serious issues,” …

Dennett says much of philosophy is little more than a “luxury decoration on society,” and he complains many of the questions studied in both analytic and continental philosophy are “idle—just games.” For philosophers to be of real use, they should engage with the world, he says—as he does alongside those in interdisciplinary fields, such as philosophy of biology, philosophy of mathematics, or ethics. (Vir: One of the most famous living philosophers says much of philosophy today is “self-indulgent” — Quartz)

Na filozofski spletni strani Daily Nous so preverili avtentičnost izjav pri Dennettu, ki je kritične izjave potrdil.

To be on the safe side—that is, to get a better sense of what might be missing—I contacted Professor Dennett, who clarified that while the article might have given the impression that the foregoing were quotes from a prepared paper, they were instead from an impromptu interview. Still, while in retrospect he might have put some of the points a bit differently, he says, he doesn’t disagree with the quotes and paraphrases.

In fact, as he pointed out, he has said much of this before, pointing to his 2006 paper, “Higher Order Truths About Chmess” (which was also a chapter in his book, Intuition Pumps). (Vir:Philosophers: Stop Being Self-Indulgent and Start Being Like Daniel Dennett, says Daniel Dennett – Daily Nous)


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