Prihaja tehnologija mešane realnosti

Ena izmed novih tehnologij, ki bodo v naslednjih desetletjih pomembno vplivale na naš vsakdan, je tudi tehnologija mešane realnosti (mixed reality). Gre za nekakšno nadgradnjo navidezne resničnosti, kjer so umetno ustvarjeni predmeti in pojavi vstavljeni v resnični prostor, kar nam omogoča, da z njimi upravljamo na podoben način, kot če bi dejansko obstajali v naši okolici.

Podjetje Magic Leap, ki razvija tehnologijo mešane realnosti, so nedavno predstavili v reviji Wired:  The Untold Story of Magic Leap, the World’s Most Secretive Startup | WIRED

To function properly, VR and MR must use biological circuits as well as silicon chips. The sense of presence you feel in these headsets is created not by the screen but by your neurology. Tricks like redirected walking operate in our brain as much as in the Nvidia processor. … Artificial reality exploits peculiarities in our senses. It effectively hacks the human brain in dozens of ways to create what can be called a chain of persuasion. In a movie, our brains perceive real motion in a sequence of absolutely still images. In the same way, you can scan a blue whale from many angles and then render it as a 3-D volumetric image that can be displayed on a headset screen and viewed from any position. Even if we know the object isn’t real—say it’s Godzilla instead of a whale—we feel subconsciously that its presence is real. But if even one small thing is misaligned, that discrepancy can break the gut-level illusion of presence. Something as simple as having to worry about tripping over a tethering cable can seed our unconsciousness with doubt. It might look like it’s there, but it won’t feel there.

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